Russian Railways Employee Service Portal

First Release
Product Development
2016 – 2020
About the Client
Russian Railways employ over 700,000 people. They spend around 2,000,000 hours a year on routine tasks. Optimizing these processes by only 10% will allow the company to save about 200,000 billable hours or ₽37,500,000 a year.
Design of an online platform where employees can order services, receive benefits and deal with routine tasks.
Automation of Russian Railways routine processes and simplification of company – employee interaction.

Online Certificates

In some situations, employees need to order certificates, such as proof of employment, record of employment copy, personal income tax form etc.

Before an employee had to call and then go to the company HR or accounting.
Now employees can order 18 types of certificates online using the portal. They don’t need to go to HR or accounting anymore.

Destination Spas & Resorts

As part of their benefits package Russian Railways cover part of the costs when a company employee goes on holiday to a destination spa or resort with their family.

Some employees were unaware of the company benefits and others had to choose a spa relying on HR managers or colleagues’ stories.
Now employees can get detailed information about all spas and resorts available, file applications and get answers with further instructions.

Adaptation Bot

Over 700,000 people are employed by the company. A lot of new employees are hired every day. The service helps answer most of newcomers’ work-related questions and speed up their adaptation in a large company.

New employees had a lot of questions they asked or were too intimidated to ask HR.
New employees can ask a question any time and get an immediate response. The service has reduced HR workload.
! Interesting
All the questions the bot can’t answer are saved in a designated category in the admin panel. The more identical questions, the sooner the answer will appear.


Service Portal assists almost 1,000,000 Russian Railways employees in getting benefits, documents and certificates, and climbing up a career ladder. In the span of three years we have helped design and launch 18 services.