Business Sense Service Concept

2016 – 2017
Arrival is a UK-based robotic factory that produces commercial electric vehicles. These days commercial vehicle production clients want to get information about cars as fast as possible and immediately compare it with the competitors’ offers without having to make phone calls or contact the supplier.
Designing a concept of an online service for selecting and comparing commercial vehicles.
Conducting a commercial vehicles market research in Europe – competition, basic clients’ requirements, development prospects. Creating a concept based on data received.

Service Features

The service provides clients with the opportunity to compare different indices of Arrival’s personal offer with those of competitors’, calculate the price per operational kilometer throughout the ownership period and depreciation in relation to the vehicle’s kilometer performance.

For the business part, the service facilitates the demand research. it analyzes the parameters and preferences entered by visitors thus enabling flexibility in adjusting the offer to variable market demand.

For a Transportation Company Director

The service makes it possible to customize the order online depending on specific business requirements – vehicle designation, necessary size and even climatic conditions in which it will be operated.

For Chief Financial Officers

Using the service CFOs can evaluate the depreciation of commercial vehicles acquired (amortization) before the purchase and compare the indices with competitors’ offers.


We designed the concept and handed the design layouts to developers. The client’s product team deals with all the support and development of the project.